Summer Reading Challenge

Vol. I

Challenge #6

Read a Book about kindness and helping others

Showing kindness to others should be practiced everyday. Read about all of the different ways you can show kindness to someone else.


Book Recommendations

Kindness is my Superpower - by Alicia Ortego

A Small Kindness - by Stacy McAnulty

Finding Kindness - by Deborah Underwood

I'm (Almost) Always Kind - by Milbourne Anna

Tomorrow I'll be Kind - by Jessica Hische

Firenze's Light - by Jessica Collaco

Be Kind - by Pat Zietlow Miller

Ways to Welcome - by Linda Ashman

One Drop of Kindness - by Jeff Kubiak

The World Needs More Purple People - by Kristen Bell

Kindness Starts With You - At School - by Jacquelyn Stagg

Kindness is a Kite String - by Michelle Schaub

The Power of One - by Trudy Ludwig

I'll Walk with You - by Carol Lynn Pearson

Unicorn Day - Diana Murray

Strictly No Elephants - by Lisa Mantchev 

Forever Friends Club - by Gaurav Bhatnagar

Our Animal Neighbors: Compassion for Every Furry, Slimy, Prickly Creature on Earth - by Matthieu Ricard, Jason Gruhl

It's Brave to Be Kind - by Natasha Daniels

Inspire Kindness - by Lily Lopez

Adventures in Kindness - by Carrie Fox, Sophia Fox, Nichole Wong Forti

Non-Random Acts of Kindness (The Life of Ty) - by Lauren Myracle

Kindness Tales: World Folktales to Talk About - by Margaret Read MacDonald

The Dirt Girl - by Jodi Dee

Kuan Yin: The Princess Who Became the Goddess of Compassion - by Maya van der Meer

You, Me and Empathy - by Jayneen Sanders