Summer Reading Challenge

Vol. I

Challenge #8

Read a Book about fun animals

Animals are funny, they maybe tall or very small. A huge elephant or tiny slug. Read a book about an animal doing something fun, entertaining, or interesting.


Book Recommendations

The Moose Who Loved Noodles - by Rachel Dutton

Agent Lion and the Case of the Missing Party - by Jacky Davis and David Soman

Wally the Wandering Wallaby - by Lauren Mae Pelkey

Wutaryoo  - by Nilah Magruder

This is the Way in Dog Town - by Ya-Ling Huang

Negative Cat - by Sophie Blackall

Dragons Love Tacos - by Adam Rubin

Octopus's Garden - by Ringo Starr

Grumpy Monkey - by Suzanne Lang

The Wonkey Donkey - by Craig Smith

Roof Octopus - by Lucy Branam

Chicken in Space - by Adam Lehrhaupt

Fiona Helps a Friend - by Zondervan

Group Hug - by Jean Reidy

Fletcher and the Summer Show - by Julia Rawlinson

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? - by Jane Yolan

Love Is - by Diane Adams

Perdu - BY Richard Jones

If I had a Sleepy Sloth - by Gabby Dawnay 

Mr. Watson's Chickens - by Jarrett Dapier

Tiny Feet Between the Mountains - by Hanna Cha

Tiger Has a Tantrum - by Sue Graves

Noodle and the No Bones Day - by Jonathan Graziano

A Walrus in the Bathroom - by Cynthia Miller