Summer Reading Challenge

Vol. I

Challenge #9

Read a book about family, food, and gathering

Families come in all different sizes, big families, small families, families with pets, or families with lots of friends or relatives. Families love to have some food and spend time together. Find a book that reminds you about your family or what your family likes to do for fun.


Book Recommendations

The Rice in the Pot Goes Round and Round - by Wendy Wan-Long Shang

Thank You, Omu - by Oge Mora

Super Spaghetti - by Rebecca Donnelly

May Your Life be Deliciosa - by Michael Genhart

I Love Us - by Clarion Books

Noodles, Please! - by Cheryl Yau Chepusova 

Watercress - by Andrea Wang

Mi Casa is My Home - by Lauren Sala

Family Syle - by Sally Shum McDevitt

Jazz for Lunch - by Jarrett Dapier

Shabbat is Comings - by Tracy Newman

A Song of Frutas - by Margarita Engle

Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup - by Pamela Mayer 

Soul Food Sunday - by Winsome Bingham

A handful of buttons - by Carmen Parets Luque

Chaiwala - by Priti Birla Maheshwari

Thanksgiving in the Woods - by Phyllis Alsdurf

The Whole World Inside Nan’s Soup - by Hunter Liguore

Magic Ramen - by Andrea Wang

Cora Cooks Pancit - by Dorina K. Lazo Gilmore

Arab Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook - by Karim Alrawi

Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea - by Meena Harris

Duck for Turkey Day - by Jacqueline Jules

Hot Pot Night - by Vincent Chen

Our Little Kitchen - by Jillian Tamaki 

The Last Stop on Market Street - by Matt de La Pena

When Lola Visits - by Michelle Sterling

The Treehouse Story - by Jessica Gold

Saturday at the Food Pantry - by Diane O’Neill

Grandpa Grumps - by Katrina Moore

Halal Hot Dogs - by Susannah Aziz

The Cazuela that the Farm Maiden Stirred - by Samantha R. Vamos

The Dinner that Cooked Itself - by J.C. Hsyu

Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao - by Kat Zhang

Fry Bread - by Kevin Noble Maillard